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Would you like to Thrive rather than Survive?
Would you like to be able to ask Barb YOUR Questions a couple of times Each Month?
Would you like to hear Training presented by Barb Every
Single Week?
Would you like to check out Barbís Online TUTOR Training Classes?
Would you like to KNOW about upcoming trends BEFORE they affect your sales and income?
Would you like to share Barbís Training with everyone in your office at NO additional charge?

          This is NOT the time to “go it alone!”


We have priced the PREMIERE COACHING CLUB extremely low to make this an easy Investment for you!   You will be AMAZED at the amount of training you get with such a small investment! 


You and EVERY MEMBER of Your Office can now enjoy the following benefits for less than $5.00 a day! 


  • Weekly Training Webinars on Hot Topics YOU Select!

Join Barb and other top experts on weekly training calls.  There is always time for YOUR questions.  If you can’t participate LIVE, you may listen at your convenience to the recordings and download the handouts from the Exclusive Member’s Website.


  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Bring your issues and challenges to these calls to get immediate advice from Barb.  You will also learn by listing to the questions posed by other club members.  These calls are also recorded and posted on the Exclusive Member’s Website. (One Laser Call each month is for Owners and Managers Only)


  • One Seat License to the Top Producer Tutor course of your choice. One person can sign up for one of the Tutor Classes listed below AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!
  • The Top Producer Recruiter Tutor
  • Temp and Contract Tutor
  • Strategic Management Tutor
  • The Sales Tutor

As most of you know, in the past, you could only access the Top Producer Tutor by making an investment of $3,000.00 NOW you can have access to the Tutor Classes for $50.00 Per Person Per Course + your Premiere Coaching Club monthly fee.

Once you join the Premiere Coaching Club, you can create username and passwords for your ENTIRE STAFF and they too can login to the Membership Site and receive almost all of the Benefits of the Premiere Coaching Club at no additional cost! 


  • Premier Coaching Club Member’s Only Website

Extensive Resource Library:

      • Access to Barb’s 26+ Proprietary Recruiting Forms
      • Over 100 archived recordings (Also in MP3 format for easy downloading)
      • Five Training Articles on Hot Topics added monthly
      • 4-5 Training Calls added monthly (following the Live presentations by Barb and Other Experts)
      • Ability to easily invest in Barb’s On-Line Tutor Courses that are delivered right on the Membership Site:
          1. The Top Producer Tutor
          2. Temp and Contract Tutor
          3. Strategic Management Tutor
          4. The Sales Tutor

You owe it to YOURSELF to take advantage of this incredible training resource by investing in the Premiere Coaching Club.



Barb has been in the recruiting profession for 30+ years and she has seen four recessions and been uniquely positioned to see exactly what the differences are between those that fail, survive, and thrive in these turbulent times.

Barb shared the exact traits of the winners versus the losers that she has see in the previous economic downturns.

If you are concerned about the future, these could most possibly be the most important Teleconferences you receive!

If you sign up for Barbís Premiere Coaching Club, you will receive access to the handouts and recordings of the Four FREE Teleconferences conducted EXCLUSIVELY for current Tutor Clients and Premiere Coaching Club Members.


Teleconference #1 YOUR CURRENT REALITY  

  • Initial Assessment of the impact of the recession on your business, area of specialization and profits.           
  • Critical Questions you need to answer
  • Seven Strategies to become Recession Proof 

Teleconference #2 – YOUR CLIENTS

  • The Recession is Impacting Your Clients
  • Identify hot pockets of business
  • Determine if you need to develop a new niche
  • Retained? Contingency? Temp? Contract? – Where do you go?
  • Five Actions to Ace Out your Competitors

Teleconference #3 YOUR CANDIDATES

  • The Recession is Impacting Your Candidates
  • Determine if you need to develop local or national business
  • Handle the current Real Estate downturn
  • Five Steps to greatly enhance your pool of Top Talent 

Teleconference #4 EXPECTATIONS

  • Determine realistic expectations?
  • Anticipate trends and become proactive vs. reactive
  • The who, what, when, where and why of Recessions
  • Vital Decisions you should make now

You will get these additional Four FREE Teleconferences on top of all the other benefits of the Premiere Coaching Club Membership listed above if you join today!

The Premiere Coaching Club is only $ 97.00 per month on a one year contract OR $197.00 per month if you prefer to pay month to month with no annual contract. With either option, you can sign up your ENTIRE office at no additional charge!